Josef Kazda. A name I never heard before. I was walking in the beautiful little alleys of the Zlatá ulička (Golden Lane), part of the awe-inspiring  Pražský hrad (Prague Castle). Number 12. was unfortunately closed, but it somehow called attention to itself. There was a caption with this peculiar name, and that he was an amateur film historian. I really wanted to at least peep through the window, but I couldn’t make out anything with my pure eyes, it was too dark inside. The idea suddenly struck me to take a photo through the window with a relatively long shutter speed. I could finally take a look at his face, after all.

This is where I would stop usually. But right now, researching for the post, I had to wonder once again. Not only did the camera help me discover something that was hidden from my eyes, it also uncovered a fascinating little piece of history. As I have read it in Camerasharp magazine, Kazda was an amateur film historian, who, in the very house in front of which I was standing, saved scores of pre-WW2 Czech movies by hiding them away from the Nazis. Should you once walk down the Golden Lane, you’ll see that Number 12. somehow manages to radiate that it has a mysterious history. And this shot looks like one frame from the movie about the curious case of Josef Kazda.