Here you’ll find links to some stuff that pushed me towards starting my own project. This page might receive occasional updates as I come across inspiring places and persons.

Neukolor – Tamás Kátai Photography

An epic composer, photographer and I guess a lot of other things as well, a creative genius with a unique and forceful vision perfectly conveyed in whatever medium he happens to choose. Make sure to check his bands (Gire, Thy Catafalque) on YouTube, too. We both grew up in Southern-Hungary, once we even taught English together in a summer camp for children.
I think I discovered this site through Facebook, but immediately fell in love with it. I couldn’t tell you which is the more attractive: the beautifully shot images of New Yorkers or the glimpse into some strangers’ life through the short, to-the-point biographical notes. It’s a perfect combination. Humans of New York

New York from Newark Intl Airport
Kristy Chatelain

I don’t remember where I bumped into Kristy’s website, but I know it was the Brooklyn Changing project that I instantly fell in love with. Beautifully composed shots documenting the change of an urban landscape, to which her detailed comments lend even more depth.
This one is a bit different, a slideshow from an online magazine. It is a series of photos by Ornan Rotem featuring internationally acclaimed Hungarian writer László Krasznahorkai in New York. More importantly, one of my favourite writers and one of my bucket list places in beautiful shots. László Krasznahorkai / Ornan Roten

Zanele Muholi

Again something from daily news, Zanele’s work, and especially her project Hail the Lioness shows total commitment to the social responsibility of art. In 365 self-portraits, she presents the everyday struggles, prejudices and violence a black woman must face.