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About the monthly header image – July 2017

Last month’s header image was a blunder. Not only because the pic of my coffee machine was so mediocre, also because in the post, I tried to set a theme for the month (Home). I never wanna do that again. The whole point of this project was to act freely, without constraints, without set agendas. Whatever comes, whenever comes. So no more themes, and accordingly, this voluptuous header image just represents how I want to devour all the influences coming towards me in the summer. And then I either post about these, or not.

Jadwiga / Hedwig

Hedvig (Hungarian version of the name of this saint). One of those names no one knows if male or female. Except for me, because I had a definitely female Platonic crush with this name. Her face was another wonderfully carved statue that never failed to turn me into stone.


Inspection in progress, aka absorbing the observer.

End of the day

End of the day, end of a long long week at work.

Morning floodlight

Wherever you go, the light should follow you.

About the monthly header image – June 2017

This month’s header image comes from my beloved apartment. As circumstances drive me out of town by the end of this summer, the primary subject for the coming weeks is home, both as the wider space and as the more intimate region I have carved out within that space. The header image shows my most faithful companion, the coffee machine which have managed to serve the last four of my apartments since 2008 or 2009. I love its fancy name, too.


One last drop of sunshine, and the first rays of a morning rain.


If only such rifts could talk.

Cryptic triptych

Rain, obviously.

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