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Y no new posts?

In the last one month, I was pretty preoccupied with moving from Szeged to Pécs. Now I’m in my new place, but I really had no chance to get into the relaxed state I like when I’m working on the blog. Yet, the camera was one of the items that never got packed away during the whole process of relocation: it was actually busily used. I wanted to capture the strange, uplifting yet ambivalent vibe of the very final day in my old den. Some of the shots will probably make it to the blog, but I wanted my friends to see the whole series (in a way to say good bye to them), so they have been posted in a facebook album, which is available below. Some busy days are incoming, but I will come back 😉

Posted by Csaba Maczelka on Sunday, September 3, 2017

Still life harmony

To the lighthouse

I arrived in the little sea-side resort after a long-long train journey through beautiful hills and valleys. My backpack was heavy, I was sore from the hot weather, and my legs were burning from the miles of walk in the city last night. When I left the station, I saw the first seagulls, and they were talking to me. ‘Follow me’, they chirped. And I yielded, and walked off the last bits of my legs. The sea was calling.

This was the second time I was at the sea. How can something unusual immediately feel like a lost home recovered?


I was dull and exhausted after a long evening flight. I never thought Birmingham would be a city of any particular appeal for me. But at the airport, someone was playing the theme song of Amélie on a piano in the middle of the beehive buzz. I was immediately elevated from the fatigued indifference of the traveller. And when I sat down at the bus stop in the city centre I suddenly saw myself staring back at me.

An unedited architectural collage. It also reflects my recent interest in and project about selfies.

When in Prague

Now this image is flawed in as many ways as possible: way underexposed, missing focus on the people, it is tilted to the left, and its quality is generally blurry. And all the technical flaws turned it into something like an old photo from an analogue camera, and produced the unique pic I wanted to make of the over-photographed Charles Bridge.

By lucky chance, also connects to this week’s DP photo challenge.

About the monthly header image – July 2017

Last month’s header image was a blunder. Not only because the pic of my coffee machine was so mediocre, also because in the post, I tried to set a theme for the month (Home). I never wanna do that again. The whole point of this project was to act freely, without constraints, without set agendas. Whatever comes, whenever comes. So no more themes, and accordingly, this voluptuous header image just represents how I want to devour all the influences coming towards me in the summer. And then I either post about these, or not.

Jadwiga / Hedwig

Hedvig (Hungarian version of the name of this saint). One of those names no one knows if male or female. Except for me, because I had a definitely female Platonic crush with this name. Her face was another wonderfully carved statue that never failed to turn me into stone.


Inspection in progress, aka absorbing the observer.

End of the day

End of the day, end of a long long week at work.

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