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About the monthly header image – June 2017

This month’s header image comes from my beloved apartment. As circumstances drive me out of town by the end of this summer, the primary subject for the coming weeks is home, both as the wider space and as the more intimate region I have carved out within that space. The header image shows my most faithful companion, the coffee machine which have managed to serve the last four of my apartments since 2008 or 2009. I love its fancy name, too.


One last drop of sunshine, and the first rays of a morning rain.


If only such rifts could talk.

Cryptic triptych

Rain, obviously.

About the monthly header image – May 2017

As I have already said it, I just love the rain. I remember one particularly rainy May from my childhood. We thought that it would never stop, and after a few weeks realised that we had already forgotten how all those soaked places and things were originally supposed to look.


Silent night, with baby on board.


They let him out from the hospital, and everything seemed fine. Went home, spent the day preparing pickles. Put the jars on this window-sill so that they receive plenty of sunshine. They were still there when he was already gone.

My street

I come from a big family with three brothers and three sisters. I also have an infinite number of nephews and nieces, who love those Sundays when we just walk up and down the peaceful street where I and their parents grew up. We always find new treasures there. Continue reading “My street”

Oxford lines

This one was inspired by Geometry Club, though wouldn’t fit there because of a lack of symmetry.

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