Documenting selfie culture

For a long time, I was truly annoyed by selfies. Already the term drove me crazy. The proliferation of this new style of images, often of a questionable visual quality seemed like a disgrace to photography. However, my stance has slowly changed. Whenever I visit a beautiful place, I spot a huge number of people creating selfies or asking their friends to take a shot of themselves posing in front of something beautiful. In fact, the more beautiful the place, the more selfies you are going to see. And then I realised that there is something essentially human in this whole thing: people just try to show their best sides when doing selfies, they try to conceal any worry, any care. Maybe they are not genuinely happy when taking these shots, but they say that if you force a smile, it sooner or later turns into a genuine smile.
This project is continuous, and following the standards of selfies, will be Instagram-based and only recirculated here.
DISCLAIMER: I did not ask for permission from these people to be featured here, which is of course ethically questionable. So if anyone recognises themselves, and wish to be removed, please just drop a line, and I’ll immediately act upon your request. Apologies for the approach, but any other approach would have ruined the desired effect.